Dear Public.


Dear public,

It’s been a great journey with so many of you watching our lives so closely. My son has turned 1 with many eyes and hearts on him. Though I have really enjoyed hearing from you all and seeing your reactions to Remember Baby, it is time to close the blog to public views. As my letters to my son get more personal as he grows and develops, I think it is not only a right but also a respect to Nico to keep them for his eyes only (and whomever he chooses to share them with in the future.

Much thanks for all the support,

Alison and Nico.

Haaappy Birthday!

12 months

One photo from each month before you turned one…

Wow, Nico. So, it’s been a year! This has been the slowest year old my life by far. Everyone always talks about how “quickly they grow up” but your life has seemed anything aside from that. I feel like you’ve been around for as long as I can remember.

Here are some one year old stats to help me remember:

Height: 30 inches! (1/2 of my height)
Weight: No idea because we aren’t around scales much. You weigh about the same as a back pack filled with everything we own conveniently enough.
-Crawling: 7 months in NYC
-Standing: 9 months at the farm
-Walking: 11 months in Germany
-Hugging: 2 months in NYC
First temper tantrum: none yet!
First foods: black beans and sweet potatoes at 7 months
Favourite food: savoury sauces on anything or even alone
Most ticklish spot: behind the ears
Favourite toy: anything involving water (showers, puddles, water bottles) or wheels (cars, trains, other inanimate objects that roll)
Slept through the night: 4 days old
First tooth: 8 months old, bottom
Teeth: Two top, four lower
What people notice first about you: your happy go lucky nature
What strangers always comment on: how big your hands and feet are and your hairstyle
Countries you have lived some life in: USA, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Alright, morning post done! Now let’s go LIVE. :D

The Beauty of the Individual

Nico fixer

Dear Nico,

You’re your own person. I see far too many parents pushing their ideals on to their children. I started doing it too, saying statements like, “Nico likes to travel” and “he is going to be adaptable”. But you know what? It’s me that I’m describing! You might be the most content to stay in one place and you might really enjoy routine, who knows.

The gift of the individual is way too beautiful to not pay close attention and admiration to it. It’s such a shame when people try to become something they aren’t… Honestly, life is too short for to try to fit someone else’s ideals. It’s important to find your stride in life and go with that flow. When you find that flow (which isn’t easy if you’ve tried to fit other people’s ideas of who you should be too much, so be careful), you will be able to relax and find so much more joy in life. Nurturing is what I want to do for you. Helping you learn how to be a man that is able to communicate well, love with an open heart and enjoy gaining knowledge and wisdom is what I want for you. We are here together with the world as our teacher.

Nico learns

I love you kiddo, to the moon, the stars and back.


Nico and I bicycle bw

10 Things About a 10 Month Old Coby


Dear Nico,

We have moved to Europe, your first taste of international life! You are crawling around destroying everything now. Here are ten things about a ten month old Coby:

1. Your favourite toys are sticks, cars and magazines. You are so cute playing with sticks, it’s very obvious you are using your imagination already with the noises you make (and the silly faces too!). Cars you will play with large life sized ones (both staring in awe when they pass by and climbing all over examining if they are parked) and toy ones. You crawl around pushing the little toy beside you. Adorable. Magazines you tear up and eat…

2. Carrying you on my back and having you play with my necklace all the time. Oh, and pulling all those sensitive hairs at my nape. I love feeling your belly breathing in and out all the time and hearing you randomly talking to yourself back there.

3. Your compassion coming through. When you hear another child crying or see someone else get hurt you immediately crawl to me quickly and hold on tightly like you understand what’s happening.

4. The way you crawl over to me and open your mouth like a baby bird when you see me eating. I hand you my fork with a bit on it and you take a small bite and chew, just right there, with a contemplating look on your slightly dirty face. Sometimes the second you get something in your mouth you pop it right out, even if you actually like the food. That never happens with paper or dirt, by the way…


5. Riding our bicycle together and feeling the wind in our hair. You sit right up front with me so I can kiss your head all the time when we are riding. When we go under bridges you shout so you can hear the echo. It could be pretty embarrassing but I’ve decided to consider it cute.

6.¬†Your crawling all over my head in the mornings. Your slightly sticky fingers (from who knows what) getting caught in my hair and pulling it all over the place as you scramble to get to the more interesting thing on the other side of the bed. I may or may not be bald in the next month or two. You’re lucky I think you are so cool.

7. Your dinosaur and old man noises. You could easy have made the sound effects for Jurassic Park had you been born two decades earlier. It’s pretty constant, but it gets intense when you’re off playing by yourself. I wonder what you are thinking. And the tilt-your-head-all-the-way-back-and-silently-laugh laugh is just too much. It’s kinda breathy and you sound like an old man. It’s quite possibly the funniest thing you do.

8. Sleepy coby who likes to snuggle and wakes up if I dare to move. If I slowly scoot away you quickly scoot closer and bury your head closer to my body. I get sleepy too when we are so close together, even if it’s daytime… but I really love these moments. Then when I finally get sly enough to keep you sleeping away from me, I sit there like a dummy just staring at how cute you are for a few moments before finally getting up to go about my day when you nap.


9. Spinning you around, shocking you, jumping down from a small height and all the other things that make you laugh and giggle. Remember the broom video from around 5 months old (or something)? You still laugh at that too.

10. Feeling so connected to your queues. I know when you are ready to be alone, I can tell when you want to play, I can see when you are feeling snuggly… and I love knowing. I know it won’t always be so easy to see what you want in life, but right now it is and that’s what matters. I will always appreciate the positives of the certain time in your life- there will always be so many.

I love you Coby,


Equilibrium Day!


Nicolas Cobourne!

Today is your first day living more time outside of the womb than inside. You spent a long 40 weeks and 3 days growing and forming comfortably and secure inside of me. It’s crazy to think you have spent an equal amount of time from your first breath until now. It seems like an insurmountably longer time than our pregnancy. I had such a sweet time being pregnant with you. I remember talking to you and thinking about who you were so much! I was SO excited to meet you.


Everyone talks about how to “catch every moment while it lasts” and “the first year will pass before you know it” but you know what? This year has felt like one of the longest of my life! It feels like forever since I wasn’t a mama. I so adore being a mother and I so adore you.


We went on a camping trip to celebrate. You weren’t a huge fan at first sight, but I’ll give it some time. We also visited the ocean for the first time recently! That was pretty exciting to see you play in the sand. You are such an easy baby to take around everywhere. People see you and smile and comment on your cuteness or laidback nature no matter where we are. You always look at the person talking to us as if you’re studying them. I am glad to be with you, Nico. We’ll see so much together!


Love, Mama.

P.S. I gave you your first mohawk the other day… You look like pretty awesome.


Naps. Or Lack Thereof.



Dear Nicoby,

You’re so mobile, crawling everywhere. You crawl on your hands, right knee and left foot (cute!). I adore watching you explore and seeing your different thought processes as you see new things. You have this funny face sometimes where you scrunch up your nose and chuckle to yourself. Actually, you have quite a few funny expressions. It’s not uncommon to see you totally placated then all of a sudden heave a huge sigh of boredom or get really excited about nothing in particular. You must have a pretty busy mind in that handsome noggin of yours…

You are a superb nighttime sleeper. You always have been. Daytime sleep is turning into a different story these days. You get sleepy and I start getting you down for a nap and after five minutes of “getting you down” you almost fall asleep. Keyword almost. 9 times out of 10 as your eyes are slowly drifting back into your head, you suddenly get a really happy thought or something, because your eyes pop wide open and your mouth stretches into a (no longer gummy) grin. You turn over to your hands and knees faster than I can think and you bound off the floor bed happily. It’s the most mentally exhausting thing in the world (exaggeration). But a little cute too… Mostly frustrating in the moment though.

A lot of things are like that with parenting (and life). It seems really frustrating or painful or maddening in the moment but when it gets resolved (ie when you finally fall into a peaceful slumber) it doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

I love you around the moon and back.